How to Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify

Hey listener - interested in learning more about how to listen to audiobooks on Spotify? Keep reading for our steps and enjoy!

1. Download and open the Spotify app on your reading device or access their site at this link. Please note that if you are accessing Spotify through a computer you’ll need to use their computer application, which can be accessed through the “Download” button in the toolbar on their homepage.

2. Once you’re on the Spotify mobile or computer app, you’ll need to ensure that you either sign up or sign in to a preexisting account. You can do this by hitting the “Log In” button or creating an account by clicking “sign up”.

3. Now that you’re signed in, go ahead type “audiobooks” into the white search bar. Pressing enter will pull your search up.

4. Go ahead and click on one of the titles or playlists that’s interesting to you. You can use playlists or listed songs like the “Audiobooks: Best Sellers” to download and listen to audiobooks. 

Keep reading for the mobile app versus computer app steps for downloading your audiobook:

On the mobile app - click on the three-dot symbol next to the book title that's interesting to you, then select “View album”.

Once you click "View album", you will be able to see the entirety of the chosen audiobook:

Download the entire audiobook by clicking on the downward arrow button.

On the computer app - click on the album title and the full audiobook will be displayed.

Download the full audiobook by clicking on the three dots and the "Save to Your Library" menu option.

5. Note that there is no checkout process since these audiobooks are included with your paid Spotify subscription. Once you add the audiobooks to your library, they will be ready to be listened to!

6. You can find your audiobooks in your library under the "Your library" menu option on the mobile or computer app.

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