About Us

Welcome to Audio Thicket!

We find Amazing audiobooks at astonishing prices. We curate sales from across the internet and send them your way.

How do I make the most of Audio Thicket?

Simple, follow the Deals. We look at all retail platforms and send you deals wherever they are available. The best way to save is to purchase the audiobook from the cheapest retailer and listen to that book on their app.

You know how you watch your shows on your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO and other apps?

This is the same idea. You’ll be listening to books on Audible, Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo Books and more. If you’re willing to switch between retail brands, you can save big.

Is Audio Thicket free?

Yes. Our newsletter is free. Always. Audio Thicket is an email newsletter that alerts you to deals on audiobooks. There is no cost to sign up or receive the newsletter.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

You can sign up here.

How do I choose what types of audiobook deals I receive?

You can choose your genre preferences when you sign up. Once signed up. You can always review and update your preferences by clicking the update preferences link in your email.

How often will I receive emails?

Audio Thicket will send you an email every week or two packed with discounted audiobooks matched to your preferences. Simply click on the deals that look good, and purchase directly from the retailer.

What if I already subscribe to Audible?

Audible costs $15 per month so it makes the most sense to redeem your monthly Audible credit for an audiobook that costs $15 or more. However, there are great audiobook available for much less than that. You can get listen to more audiobook while saving $$ by purchasing the deal audiboooks when they go on sale. Your Audible membership + Audio Thicket Deals = More Great Audiobooks for Less.

Where can I see all the deals?

Currently, we will send the deals to you via email. Deals are usually good for 24 hours so it’s best to purchase an audiobook right away if it’s on sale and something you want to listen to. In the coming months, we will also post the deals to our website. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get alerted to new deals.

More Questions?

We would love to hear from you, contact us.