How to Listen to Audiobooks on Google Play

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Google Play

Hey listener - interested in learning more about how to listen to audiobooks on Google Play? Keep reading for our steps and enjoy!

1. Download and open the Google Play Books app on your reading device or access their site at this link


2. Once you’re on their home page or app, you’ll need to ensure that you either sign up or sign in to a preexisting account. You can do this at the blue “Sign in” button in the upper-righthand corner as seen in the screenshot above.

3. Now that you’re signed in, go ahead and click on that magnifying glass in the upper righthand corner of the mobile app. Or, if you’re using the website, type in your audiobook of choice in the search bar. Pressing enter will pull your search up.

4. Audiobooks are displayed underneath eBooks when you search for a title on the website. Go ahead and click on the audiobook you want to download from the search listings.

5. Purchase your audiobook by clicking on the large blue button with the price displayed on the website - or on the “Get the full book” button from the app. This will lead you through the checkout process.

6. Once payment has been successfully made you can head over to your library by selecting the “My books” option in the far left-hand side of the website or the “Library” option on the bottom menu in the mobile app.

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