Genre: Biography and Memoir

True Crime USA, Real Crime Cases from the United States

by Adrian Langenscheid, narrated by Brian Pawlowski
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Cold blooded murders, fatal family dramas, and a spectacular robbery.

It's no secret that True Crime is not for the faint-of-heart. These true and authentic criminal cases tell the stories of people known to us - friendly neighbours, devoted parents and/or loving partners. This book is about the people behind their bourgeois façade, where unspeakably deep human abysses exist that nobody, not even those closest to them, would have thought was possible.

In his second book "TRUE CRIME USA"", one of Germany's bestselling true crime authors, Adrian Langenscheid once again documents the real crimes from real neighbourhoods. This time, the tales originate from the United States of America. Crimes that actually happened - you will be captivated and shocked, amazed and moved to tears. Shaken to the core, you will question everything you think you know about human nature.

Even investigators, judges, defense lawyers and public prosecutors are not immune to the fact that these defendants are on trial for particularly horrific acts. The heartbreaking fates of the victims and their relatives are gradually exposed. In an ideal world, the final verdict ensures the just punishment of the perpetrators - but what punishment is truly-just in the face of such cruel reality?