Genre: Business

Tilt Presence: Be the Calm in a Sea of Noise

by Pam Boney, narrated by Scott R. Smith
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Author and executive coach Pam Boney has shared the secret of internal strength with clients for over two decades and now is sharing it with the world.

This book poses a thought provoking method for building strong internal confidence and happiness by focusing inward instead of being at the whim of outside forces. 

Discover the eight essential (existential) questions you must answer to grow greater internal character strength, calm confidence, and rock solid presence. This powerful but quick listen will show you how to expand your personal and professional influence exponentially.

You are the final judge of YOU and answering these eight important questions affirmatively can change the direction of your life and work forever.

Early readers have called it "one of the most profound self-development books of all time"...

1: Am I safe? (Security vs. Mistrust)

2: Am I capable? (Power vs. Self-Doubt)

3: Am I good? (Approval vs. Rejection)

4: Am I special? (Attention vs. Guilt/Shame)

5: Am I important? (Status vs. Insignificance)

6: Am I productive? (Autonomy vs. Dependence)

7: Am I valued? (Acceptance vs. Isolation)

8: Am I worthy? (Recognition vs. Despair)

In this book you will not only answer these questions, but identify which ones are unresolved and probably driving the unconscious patterns that keep you from achieving what you know you want, but that keep slipping through your fingers. Pam's coaching in this book will help you identify and build a case of evidence for yourself that can change your self-concept. Once your judgment of yourself begins to shift, all manner of energy shifts too and your goals start to unfold naturally. 

"Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Whatever you dream you can do, begin it now."