Genre: Clean Romance, Steamy Romance

The Trouble with Gravity An Enemies-to-Lovers Stand-Alone Romance

by K.K. Allen, narrated by Shane East
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An Emotional and Steamy Enemies to Lovers Stand-Alone

Kai's life is a series of choreographed steps, each one shielding her from her tragic past. Audition, dance, get paid, repeat. It's a broken record, but it's what keeps her world spinning.

When a dangerously handsome man with trouble written all over his face rides into her life, his entrance makes a disastrous splash. 

Soon, Kai's safe and secure world is on the brink of shattering, and there's only one man to blame. Unfortunately, he's also the same man who is offering her the role of a lifetime.

Sebastian's stage production is a sinking ship, but he's obligated to give it one last run. Soon, he can lower the final curtain and shake his ties to his past. First, he needs to find the perfect leading lady.

After only one audition, Kai is all he sees. Feisty attitude, flexible body, killer stage presence. He needs her in more ways than he can admit. 

When Sebastian makes Kai an offer she can't afford to refuse, she learns signing on will mean facing the tragedy she's worked so hard to shut out.

He says she can trust him to keep her safe, but is her heart safe too?