Genre: Fantasy

The End of Surrender (Stalwart Link Series Book 4)

by B.T. Narro, narrated by Simon Vance
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In this epic culmination of the series, Andar must venture deep into the ever-growing rift in hopes of destroying it as the rest of his allies take on the massive beast that guards it. But when a problem forces Andar to deviate from the plan, his allies are left wondering what they must do now. Andar and his allies will have to overcome their most challenging obstacles yet as they face the people who were responsible for creating this rift in the first place. They will have to act quickly and courageously to take back everything that was lost, even at the risk of losing the people they love.

Andar must grow to become a true Ascendant if he is to have any chance of not only surviving but changing the fate of Aathon for good. Risks will be taken, battles will be waged, and sacrifices must be made. The time for surrender is over.