Genre: Fantasy

The Bones of Titans (Stalwart Link Series Book 3)

by B.T. Narro, narrated by Simon Vance
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Mankind has failed to stop a growing rift for more than a decade. It will destroy all life on Aathon if nothing changes. But when Leo arrives with half of the human army, it seems that every leader is finally intent on stopping this growing rift together. What Leo will find out, however, is that some of these very powerful people don't see the rift as a problem. They intend to use it as an opportunity.

Leo faces many obstacles that stand in the way of destroying the rift, while Andar and Rygen encounter their own issues. Assistance comes in the form an expert mage who has reappeared after his disappearance many years ago, but some believe it was this mage who created the rift in the first place. There are strange things about him, but the strangest of all is that he appears to be the same age as when he disappeared 23 years ago.

As this mage involves himself with Leo and the plot to destroy the rift, Leo must quickly figure out how much he can trust this mage and how much he must rely on himself.