Genre: Fantasy

The Binding (The Dark Forever Series Prelude)

by David J. Phifer, narrated by Valley Parker
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When evil finds you, do you fight or flee?

Serena is a world-class necromancer, a self-proclaimed master of the undead. But when someone starts killing the remaining witches, she must fight for her life against an enemy that is immune to the dark arts.

With only her undead companion by her side, she must discover the unstoppable evil that is killing her kind and find a way to avoid the fate shared by her spell-casting companions. 

There is a new player in town. Stronger than anyone she's ever seen, and even with her command of the undead, she may not last the night.

Experience this fun and thrilling ride in the life of Serena as she communes with dark forces, screws over evil, and raises hell. Buy it now, before the darkness comes. Seriously, it may already be too late...