The Best Part of Hello: A Young Adult Novel

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Some people just can't stand each other. Kayla and Evan are definitely some of those people. 

It's annoying enough that they are plane partners and have to sit next to each other through the entire flight to Italy for their senior class trip, but things go from bad to worse when their plane makes an emergency stop. Their lives unexpectedly change as soon as Kayla follows Evan into a dark corridor and, right after, things just escalate from worse to tragic. 

"I won't begin to suggest that I know what you're feeling, but I know what it feels like to love someone who doesn't love you back." 

To add icing to Kayla's wretched cake, she finds out that that Ben, her perfect boyfriend, isn't so perfect after all and has been hiding a basket full of dirty secrets from her. Dead set on getting back at him, she turns to the only person she thinks who is just as hurt as her and crazy enough to sign up and play along with her plan - Evan.  

"Be my fake boyfriend, Evan Winters. I promise never to love you, care for you get the idea." 

But they're just pretending. Except when one of them is suddenly isn't.... 

A freak storm, stolen chickens, a language barrier, and a big adventure. The senior trip of their life. But will they ever be the same people once they go back?   

Find out in this unexpected romantic comedy that has Kayla and Evan butting heads as they meet interesting people, end up in jail, learn valuable lessons, and experience heartaches, and new beginnings - together.