Genre: True Crime

Serial Killers True Crime

by Brody Clayton, narrated by Ken OBrien
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People kill for many reasons, some of them understandable, but others are totally unfathomable. However, more gruesome than killing by usual means, like stabbing, shooting, or poisoning, is the act of butchery after the murder.

The motives for murder and serial killing, according to psychologists, range from thrill seeking and anger to attention seeking and financial gain. Although it might seem sickening, these killers and psychopaths exist in the past and the present time, and some of them still have their freedom and are lurking in different corners of the world.

Mutilating, dismembering, slaughtering, and even worse, eating a fellow human is beyond reason; an act that is horrific and probably not the work of a sane individual.

This book lists the most disgusting and disconcerting crimes in history: various stories of strange serial killers who chopped up, violated, cooked, and ate their victims.

From real-life vampires and werewolves who drank blood and ate raw human flesh, to butcher killers who mutilate, sexually abuse, chop, and eat their victims for reasons of Satanism, sexual gratification, and revenge upon society.

This book is jam-packed with mystery, gore, and unbelievable true stories of serial killers.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn...

  • Serial Killers True Crime - Lino Renzi: "I Cooked My Mother"
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Philip Onyancha: The Vampire of Kenya
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Peter Stumpp: The Werewolf of Bedburg
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Boone Helm: The Kentucky Cannibal
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: The Metal Fang
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Tamara Samsonova: The Granny Ripper
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Chijon Family: Korean Cannibal Gang
  • Serial Killers True Crime - Robin Gecht: Chicago Rippers Crew Leader
  • Much, much more!