Genre: Young Adult

Salt & the Sisters (The Sirens Curse, Book 3)

by A.L. Knorr, narrated by Marni Penning
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Only she can lift the spell. But the key to its destruction could mean her death…

Determined to end the dreaded mermaid mating cycle between land and sea, Targa and Mira scour rare fragments of mosaic art from deep in the ocean for clues. On the hunt for the ancient spell’s source, all signs point to the ruins of Atlantis.

Before the legend’s final chapter can unfold, Targa learns that only she has the strength to break the curse… the cost of which may be her life.

Can Targa find the courage to face her destiny and liberate an ocean of chained hearts?

Salt & the Sisters is the intriguing conclusion to the Siren's Curse YA urban fantasy trilogy. Familiar and beloved characters from books 1 and 2 come together in this heart-stopping adventure. If you like ancient mysteries, underwater adventure, and alluring shifters, then you’ll love A.L. Knorr’s fast-paced tale.