Genre: Young Adult

Raging Rival Hearts The Lost Clan Book 4

by Olivia Wildenstein, narrated by Stephanie G. Fritz
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Hunters are the enemy. That was what we faeries were always told.

Breaking my engagement to the man I had loved my entire life was a dangerous move, one that got me expelled from the faerie isle. I’d known the risks, though. I’d known that if Cruz, Cat, or my brother didn’t find a way to get me home, the fire in my veins would dwindle until it was gone, and with it my life.

With mere weeks left to live, I set out on a last adventure: Discover if more Daneelies had survived the massacre, the same way Catori’s ancestor had. Although I’d decided to go alone, Kajika insisted on accompanying me.

I wanted to believe he was coming because he liked me. But I was still the enemy…the mute girl whom he could hear speak when no one else could…the one person who could track him when he didn’t want to be found.

Discover the seductive spin-off fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries are devouring.