Genre: Money

Personal Finance for Dummies

by Eric Tyson, narrated by Brett Barry
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Details: Too many personal finance consultants offer financial advice that ignores the big picture and instead focuses on investing. You need much more than that to plan your future. You need a broader understanding of personal finance that includes all areas of your financial life in order to become financially sound.

Personal Finance for Dummies, 5th Edition is full of detailed, action-oriented financial advice that will show you how to lower expenses and tame debts as well as invest wisely to achieve your financial goals! Now in its 5th edition, this up-to-date guide covers all the latest trends to ensure your financial stability. Just some of the updates and revisions include:

  • Reviews of the new and revised tax laws and how to take advantage of them
  • The latest scoop on Medicare and Social Security and what it means for you
  • Updated investment advice on mutual funds and other managed investments
  • Enhanced smart spending tips
  • Coverage of new bankruptcy laws and how to eliminate consumer debt
  • Smart ways to use credit and improve credit scores
  • Expanded coverage on educational savings options

This hands-on, straightforward guide features ways to survive life changes such as starting your first job, getting married, having children, and retiring, as well as helpful tactics for preventing identity theft and fraud. With Personal Finance for Dummies, 5th Edition, you’ll be able to achieve financial strength and start concentrating on the more important things in life!