Genre: Mystery

No Place to Vanish (Murder in the Keys Book 2)

by Jaden Skye, narrated by Sarah Pavelec
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No Place to Vanish is the second book in the new romantic suspense series by number one best-selling author Jaden Skye. 

Olivia, back in New York and trying to resume her normal life, receives a shocking phone call: Her best friend from college has gone missing. She never returned from her bachelorette party. 

Olivia, implored by her friend's husband to help, flies back down to Miami, determined to find her. She meets the woman's friends, and finds herself lead deeper and deeper into a maze of lies, strippers, secret lovers, and jilted husbands. As the trail leads her back to Key West, she finds herself working side by side with Wayne again, stirring up old memories. Yet, even so, the trail has seemed to gone cold.  

Olivia can't help but wonder: Did her friend run off? Kill herself?  

Or was she murdered? 

No Place to Vanish is book number two in an explosive new romantic suspense series filled with love, tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal and suspense, one that will leave you turning pages late into the night. 

Jaden is also author of the number one best-selling series Murder in the Caribbean, which begins with Death by Honeymoon.