Genre: Business

Grit: How to Build the Habits of Perseverance and Keep Going When You Want to Give Up to Achieve Your Goals

by Hugh Covey, narrated by Russell Newton
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This audiobook is for anyone who wants to develop grit. Whether you are a student who wants to do better at school, someone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, or a professional who wishes to grow in his career or business, you will find the tips and strategies in these chapters to really help you have the grit to go for your goals.

However, I have not made this audiobook to remind you of your glaring deficiencies. I believe you must at least have suspected you were a little bit lacking in grit before picking up this audiobook. First, we start by trying to find out what perseverance is. Once we have found it, I will show the pillars upon which perseverance rests. Yes, perseverance has certain pillars upon which it rests. Then, I will show you how you can remain determined and motivated at all times.

I do sincerely hope that at the end of this audiobook, you would have realized the power and necessity of remaining steadfast, motivated, and unshakable in your pursuits of your goals. To achieve that, though, you will need to listen to every line with total concentration and focus on applying the secrets of perseverance to your life.