Genre: Literature and Fiction

Around the Sun

by Eric Michael Bovim, narrated by James Bartlett
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Mark White appears to have it all as the head of a prestigious PR firm in Washington, DC. But in the aftermath of his wife’s sudden death, he is struggling to raise his eight-year-old son, Colin. When he takes on a controversial new technology startup mid-scandal and weeks before their IPO, Mark’s world rapidly begins to unravel. Adrift, Mark is soon forced to make life-altering choices that will affect his bond with Colin, the legacy of his deceased wife’s unsold paintings, and, most importantly, his relationship with himself. Set at intervals in present-day New York, San Francisco, Barbados, Italy, and Barcelona, Around the Sun is told in lush, graceful prose, a portrait of grief and hope in the age of social media, globalization, and artistic decadence.