Genre: Literature and Fiction

Across the Way

by Mary Monroe, narrated by Beresford Bennett
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Neighborhood tensions reach a breaking point in the finale of New York Times best-selling author Mary Monroe's captivating series that sweeps listeners back to 1930's Alabama and into the lives of two neighboring couples whose deceitful friendships and imperfect marriages are just the beginning of their troubles... 

In this captivating Depression-era set novel by New York Times best-selling author Mary Monroe, two couples find their grudges endangering more than their Alabama small town's deceptive peace... 

When good-time couple Milton and Yvonne Hamilton moved one house over from the respectable-but-restless Odell and Joyce Watson, it was a fast friendship of shared secrets - and secret jealousies and betrayals. Their alliance was bound to crash and burn, but the Hamiltons won't quite let the flame die out, even after scandalous accusations get them arrested...