Genre: Children 8-12 years

A Wild Ride (The Adventures of Misty & Moxie Wyoming Book 1)

by Niki Danforth, narrated by Erin Parker
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A young girl with rodeo dreams. A worn-out mare with an incredible secret. This old horse is about to teach Moxie some magical new tricks!

Moxie Wyoming Woodson would give anything to be a rodeo star. But when her father brings home a broken-down mare called Misty, Moxie's excitement turns into disappointment in a hurry. She knows that whooping it up on an old swaybacked mare won't win her any medals.

With boundless compassion for all animals, Moxie is determined to care for the worn-out horse. But when Moxie and her friend get wind of an illegal mustang roundup, she wishes her birthday present could help her play detective. It's only after she receives a mysterious package from her grandfather that she learns there may be more to Misty than meets the eye.

With the horse thieves closing in, can Moxie and Misty rope in the crooked cowboy gang, or will the young sleuth's hopes be trampled in the dust?