Genre: Mystery - Thriller and Suspense

A Cruise to Murder (Rachel Prince Mystery Series Book 1)

by Dawn Brookes, narrated by Alex Lee
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Looking for a good clean murder mystery? 

Meet Rachel Prince, a newly qualified police constable trying to hold it together after being ditched by her fiancé.

Rachel's best friend, Sarah, suggests that she needs a break and what better way to relax than a Mediterranean cruise? Sarah works as a nurse on the cruise ship and they plan to enjoy all the luxuries of cruising. At least they would do if Sarah ever got any time away from the medical centre.

Rachel makes friends with a bereaved, elderly woman and an attractive Italian but it's not long before she is convinced that something sinister is going on. There is mystery and threat surrounding Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe.

Who is the secretive Carlos and what is he up to?

Rachel finds herself in the centre of a mystery that could cost her her life, or worse still, her heart.

Has her broken engagement clouded her judgement?

Events unfold that cause her to question her sanity and when one of the passengers meets with a tragic accident, the tension grows. Rachel tries her best to relax and enjoy her holiday with her friend, but there seems to be danger around every corner. Is Marjorie in danger? Can Rachel solve the mystery even when she is in danger herself?