Audible Picks July 6th, 2022

Audible Picks July 6th, 2022

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Genre: Mystery

The Patient's Secret

By Loreth Anne White, Narrated by Brittany Pressley
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: When the battered body of a female jogger is found beneath the cliffs of an idyllic coastal community, these perfect neighbors suddenly don’t seem so perfect...
$25.99 $30.09
Genre: Mystery

The It Girl

By Ruth Ware, Narrated by Imogen Church
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: The first person Hannah Jones met at Oxford was April Clarke-Cliveden. She quickly drew Hannah into her dazzling orbit because she was the ultimate It girl: vivacious, bright, occasionally vicious. Throughout their first term, they formed an unbreakable friendship group that included Will, Hugh, Ryan, and Emily. April passed away at the...
$20.67 $23.62
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

The Locked Room: Ruth Galloway Mysteries

By Elly Griffiths, Narrated by Jane McDowell
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: Ruth Galloway is feeling alone due to pandemic lockdowns, with the exception of a new neighbor, until Nelson shows up and starts looking into a decades-long string of murder-suicides that is getting closer and closer.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

The Life We Bury

By Allen Eskens, Narrated by Zach Villa
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details:  College student Joe Talbert has the modest goal of completing a writing assignment for an English class. His task is to interview a stranger and write a brief biography of the person. With deadlines looming, Joe heads to a nearby nursing home to find a willing subject. There he meets Carl Iverson, and soon nothing in Joe's life is the ...
$22.04 $25.19
Genre: True Crime

When the Moon Turns to Blood: Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell, and a Story of Murder, Wild Faith, and End Times

By Leah Sottile, Narrated by Leah Sottile
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesTrue CrimeWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: In the novel When the Moon Turns to Blood, Lori Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell, a grave robber turned end-of-the-world novelist, explore contemporary survivalism and end-times extremism.
$26.94 $30.79
Genre: Steamy Romance

Driven (A Northern Waste Novel Book 1)

By Eve Silver, Narrated by Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: In a dystopian world, ice trucker Raina Bowen offers a ride to a sexy, secretive stranger and finds herself trying to outrun rival truckers, ice pirates, and a megalomaniac bent on their destruction. "Edgy, steamy, action-packed, and plotted with nail-biting tension..." — Library Journal, Starred Review.
$17.46 $19.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

The Look of Love (San Francisco Sullivans Book 1)

By Bella Andre, Narrated by Eva Kaminsky
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details:  From a sensational New York Times bestselling author who writes “warm, sexy contemporary romance” - Maya Banks.  Chase is perfectly happy being single until he encounters Chloe on the side of the road in the pouring rain. Now he’ll do anything for her — but is Chloe ready to let him in?
Genre: Clean Romance

Darcy's Winter Love Triangle (Regency Romance Book 1)

By Sarah Gray, Narrated by Melissa Durbin
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: In spite of Caroline Bingley's cold, calculating nature and the disapproval of his high-ranking peers, Fitzwilliam Darcy has developed feelings for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy's life spins out of control when he faces financial ruin. He is shunned by London Society. A scandal also marred the Bennet family. Jane Bennet's relationship wi...
$13.08 $14.95
Genre: Clean Romance

Red, White & Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston, Narrated by Ramon de Ocampo
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: What occurs when the Prince of Wales and America's First Son fall in love. Alex Claremont-Diaz was immediately cast as the American version of a young royal when his mother was elected president. His image is pure millennial marketing gold for the White House because he is handsome, charismatic, and smart. There is only one issue: Alex ...
$22.32 $25.51
Genre: Literature and Fiction

The Oceanography of the Moon

By Glendy Vanderah, Narrated by Brittany Pressley, Zachary Johnson
Tags: AudibleLiterature and FictionNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: Young Riley Mays relocated from Chicago to her cousins' farm in Wisconsin after the sudden deaths of her aunt and mother. Here, in this private haven where she hides from her most painful memories, she found comfort in tending to her extraordinary adoptive brother, exploring the surrounding wild nature, and gazing at the mystical moon.
$25.99 $30.09
Genre: Fantasy

Challenger (The Siggy Smith Series Book 1)

By Jaxon Lee Rose, Narrated by Becci Martin
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: Siggy Smith is an immigrant, a wife, a mother, a soldier, and a shapeshifter. Today, she is a confessed killer convicted of first-degree murder. She's accepted her fate, and sits in shackles as her death draws near when a government official offers her a chance to wipe her record clean: join a new, military experiment called M.O.N.S.T.R.
$5.99 $6.95
Genre: Fantasy

Children of the Night

By Zan Safra, Narrated by Naomi Rose-Mock
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: As one reviewer put it, "Take four famous gothic monsters and make them teenage superheroes fighting vampires... this is an insane concept that totally works."
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Science Fiction

Children of Time

By Adrian Tchaikovsky, Narrated by Mel Hudson
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: Children of Time, a bestselling standalone book by Adrian Tchaikovsky, tells the epic tale of humanity's struggle for survival on a terraformed planet. Whom will this new Earth be inherited by?
Genre: Business

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't

By Jim Collins, Narrated by Jim Collins
Tags: AudibleBusinessNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details:  The seminal management study of the 1990s, Built to Last, demonstrated how successful businesses endure over time and how long-term sustained performance can be built into an organization's DNA from the start.
Genre: Money

Freakonomics: Revised Edition

By Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner, Narrated by Stephen J. Dubner
Tags: AudibleMoneyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: The typical economist is not Steven D. Levitt. He is a renowned academic who investigates the mysteries of daily life, from cheating and crime to sports and parenting, and whose findings challenge accepted wisdom. Thus, Freakonomics is the new academic discipline covered in this audiobook.
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others

By Zachary Levi, Narrated by Zachary Levi
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details: Zachary Levi (Shazam!, American Underdog, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Chuck) shares his emotional journey through a lifetime of crippling anxiety and depression in his debut memoir. Zac recounts the raw yet honest behind-the-scenes story of his family life, career successes, and personal disappointments. Facing the scars of childhood tra...
$21.95 $25.09
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Between the World and Me

By Ta-Nehisi Coates, Narrated by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal July 6 2022
Details:  Coates provides a potent new framework for comprehending our country's history and the current crisis in a profound work that shifts from the most important issues pertaining to American history and ideals to the most personal concerns of a father for his son.
$21.83 $24.95