Weekly Deals April 14th, 2022

Weekly Deals April 14th, 2022

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Leaving Annalise: A Katie Connell Texas-to-Caribbean Romantic Mystery

Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayMystery - Thriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Perfect listening for fans of Janet Evanovich. A new life on the horizon, an old flame at the door. When a dead body turns up in the freezer, Katie's island lifestyle turns stormy. Laughs, exotic suspense, and romance, with an awkwardly endearing heroine. New 2021 recording from USA Today bestselling author and Silver Falchion Best My...
$21.83 $24.95

The Theory of Death

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: In this addictive chapter in New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman's popular Decker and Lazarus series, former LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker is thrown into a weird web spanning academia, underworld crime, and cunning killers.  
$26.99 $28.51

One Good Deed

Tags: AppleThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: When a murder takes place right under Archer's nose, police suspicions rise against the ex-convict, and Archer realizes that the crime could send him right back to prison... if he doesn't use every skill in his arsenal to track down the real killer.  
$26.94 $30.79

Last Seen Alive

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: In this gripping psychological suspense novel from the award-winning author of The Sisters and Local Girl Missing, one woman is stuck in the death-grip of the past - and every one of its terrible secrets.  
$28.95 $30.79

Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookTrue CrimeWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Manhunt by James L. Swanson is a gripping tale of murder, intrigue, and betrayal. This is history as you've never heard it before: a thrilling hour-by-hour tale told through the eyes of the hunted and the pursuers.  
$29.71 $33.95

This Is Fate (Fated Loves Book 1)

Tags: AppleAudibleNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: She’s almost finished her MBA. He’s a hotshot wealthy attorney. Is their scorching attraction just a distraction… or love’s perfect destiny?
$13.08 $14.95

Second Chance Ranch (Three Rivers Ranch Book 1)

Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Kelly has returned to town with her four-year-old boy and is temporarily residing in her parent's basement until she can reclaim her life. She's not ready for anything beyond her new position on the ranch, with fresh ink on her divorce papers and open gashes in her heart. But, with old scars reopening and a ranch on the verge of finan...
$17.46 $19.95

Under the Italian Sun

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comClean RomanceGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Hello and welcome to Italy. A location where Zia-Lucia Costa Chalmers can find the answers to her numerous questions. When Zia's world is turned upside down by revelations close to home, she realizes it's time to find the Italian family she's never known. But, while she searches for answers, she can't help but notice Piero, the vineya...
$12.41 $14.18

The People’s Princess

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Fans of The Crown and Princess Diana will love this thrilling historical fiction that takes you behind the royal doors!
$13.35 $15.26

The Book of Last Letters

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: 1940, London. Elsie offers to send a reassuring letter to a patient's relatives. She begins a book of final letters. Messages to be given to the loved ones of wounded soldiers in the event that the worst happens so that no one is left without a final goodbye. But one message will forever transform Elsie's life...
$14.31 $16.35

Wolf's Bane (Moon Marked Book 1)

Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyGoogle PlayNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: I'm Mai Fairchild, fox shifter, sister's caretaker, and local werewolf pack's bane. My sister and I must pretend to be human at all costs in a world where being different is dangerous. But now, with the possibility of working closely with every fox shifter's sworn enemy, can I afford to take the chance?  
$12.99 $19.95

Manners and Monsters

Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyGoogle PlayWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: The actual degree of a lady's degeneration is never revealed... Hannah Miles has a quiet life, assisting her parents in their research into a horrible disease - until a grisly murder at her best friend's engagement party drags her out of the shadows. Hannah is asked to assist in the investigation because of her specialist's knowledge a...
$17.46 $19.95

Crisis (Convulsive Book 1)

Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookScience FictionWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: It manipulates your DNA to work against you. It has no pity and is unaffected by suffering. Only one truth survives as the old world burns. It was discovered. Us. It's the wee hours of the morning. The city is completely dark. Lucy receives a frantic warning as the last cell tower fails. "Worse is on the way."
$13.08 $14.95

The Productivity Revolution: Control Your Time and Get Things Done!

Tags: AppleAudibleBusinessGoogle PlayWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Increase your productivity RIGHT NOW to avoid feeling overworked and stressed in the future. You'll need to adjust your routines and do things differently every day if you want to have more time. You can gain two or more hours each day by implementing the practices you'll learn right now.
$4.99 $6.95

Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto Revolution

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayMoneyNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Crypto Revolution: How to Invest for Beginners takes you on a simplified tour of virtual currencies, explaining how the technology behind them works, their history of them, and what you can do with them.
$4.99 $6.95

Boy Alone: A Brother's Memoir

Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comBiography and MemoirGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: Extraordinary… Greenfeld describes what it's like to grow up next to a "beautiful" boy with whom he can never play, connect, or love, but who is nonetheless the most significant reality in his life.  

The Bravest Voices: A Memoir of Two Sisters' Heroism During the Nazi Era

Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirGoogle PlayKobo AudioWeekly Deal April 14 2022
Details: This timeless book chronicles the bravery of two sisters in the years leading up to WWII, providing a unique historical narrative that sheds light on one of humanity's darkest periods.
$23.95 $27.37