Best Audiobooks Under $5 Today

Best Audiobooks Under $5 Today

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Genre: Mystery

The Club

By Ellery Lloyd, Narrated by Tamaryn Payne
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryNookWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Envisioned as a luxurious home-away from-home for Very Important People, The Home Group is a collection of celebrity members clubs dotted across the globe, from London to Lisbon, Malibu to Manhattan, where the rich and famous can party hard and then crash out in its five-star suites, far from the prying eyes of fans and the media.
$17.97 $31.93
Genre: Mystery

The Postscript Murders

By Elly Griffiths, Narrated by Nina Wadia
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryNookWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Murder leaps off the page when crime novelists begin to turn up dead in this intricate new novel by internationally best-selling author Elly Griffiths, a literary mystery perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz and Agatha Christie.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Fortune and Glory

By Janet Evanovich, Narrated by Lorelei King
Tags: AppleAudibleThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: When Stephanie’s beloved Grandma Mazur’s new husband died on their wedding night, the only thing he left her was a beat-up old easy chair...and the keys to a life-changing fortune. But as Stephanie and Grandma Mazur search for Jimmy Rosolli’s treasure, they discover that they’re not the only ones on the hunt. 
$13.32 $18.89
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Dark Tide

By Elizabeth Haynes, Narrated by Justine Eyre
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Genevieve has finally escaped the stressful demands of her sales job and achieved her dream: to leave London behind and begin a new life aboard a houseboat in Kent. Not many people know that she financed her fresh start by working weekends as a dancer at a less-than-reputable gentlemen's club called the Barclay, and she's determined to ...
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Steamy Romance

The Girl He Needs (A No Strings Attached Series Book 1)

By Kristi Rose, Narrated by Jennifer Stoneking
Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Josie Woodmere has everything: a solid and successful future, money, and a handsome fiancée she doesn't love. For her, having everything means having nothing. She decides to leave her old life behind and sets out to find herself and her missing brother. She never expected to find true love. With a guy who is everything she never wanted.
$17.46 $19.95
Genre: Clean Romance

Finding Faith (The Finding Home Series Book 1)

By B. E. Baker, Narrated by Jennifer Jill Araya
Tags: AppleAudibleClean RomanceGoogle PlayNookWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Two decades ago, Mary's mom walked out. A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped. Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she'd never have kids, just in case she took after her parents. A year ago, Mary's boyfriend dumped her because she didn't want kids. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone.
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Literature and Fiction

In Defense of Babyhood

By Riya Aarini, Narrated by Matthew Longmire
Tags: AppleAudibleLiterature and FictionWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: Babyhood is a once-in-a-lifetime event, filled with incomprehensible babble and goofy faces--and that's just the parents. If we could only decipher what the bundles of joy are trying to say, it'd sound uncannily like the musings in In Defense of Babyhood.
Genre: Fantasy

Cast in Conflict: The Chronicles of Elantra

By Michelle Sagara, Narrated by Khristine Hvam
Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: After the near-destruction of the High Halls, Corporal Kaylin is looking forward to resuming her patrol. But once more an empty Tower stands in Elantra, and Kaylin's companions won't let an advantage slip by. They see the Tower as a base to fight Shadow; the Dragon Bellusdeo, as a protection for the cohort; Sedarias, as a potential hoar...
$38.93 $44.49
Genre: Fantasy

Anansi Boys

By Neil Gaiman, Narrated by Lenny Henry
Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: When Fat Charlies dad named something, it stuck. Like calling Fat Charlie Fat Charlie. Even now, twenty years later, Charlie Nancy can t shake that name, one of the many embarrassing gifts his father bestowed before he dropped dead on a karaoke stage and ruined Fat Charlie s life. Because Mr. Nancy left Fat Charlie things.  
$14.17 $31.93
Genre: Science Fiction

Ghost Country

By Patrick Lee, Narrated by Jeff Gurner
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookScience FictionWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: For decades, inexplicable technology has passed into our world through the top secret anomaly called the Breach. The latest device can punch a hole into the future....
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Code Name: Johnny Walker

By Johnny Walker and Jim DeFelice, Narrated by Peter Ganim
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal October 20 2022
Details: In this illuminating and informative memoir, an Iraqi translator who risked his life working with American Sniper author Chris Kyle and the Navy SEALs tells his remarkable and inspiring story, offering a refreshing new perspective on the Iraq War.  
$27.94 $31.93