Audible Picks September 14th, 2022

Audible Picks September 14th, 2022

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Genre: Mystery

The Friday Edition (A Samantha Church Mystery Book 1)

By Betta Ferrendelli, Narrated by Gabra Zackman
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Reporter Samantha Church must get through a corrupt police department and her own demons to discover who murdered her sister.  
$14.95 $19.95
Genre: Mystery

Dark Is the Grave (DCI Bone Scottish Crime Thrillers Book 1)

By T. G. Reid, Narrated by Steve Worsley
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: When the murder of a local police officer sends shock waves through a rural Scottish community, Detective Chief Inspector Duncan Bone returns from extended sick leave to lead his team in a race against time to catch a psychopathic killer before another officer is slain.
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Lethal Justice (Ion Frost Book 1)

By Ethan Reed, Narrated by John Tanner
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Former Special Forces Operative Ion Frost has one job left before he goes off the grid: deliver his dead comrade’s dog tags to his nephew, Lincoln. It should have been a quick stop. But for Ion Frost things have a way of getting complicated… Now Ion is in the thick of it, determined to find a killer and deliver his own personal brand of...
$21.83 $24.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

The New House

By Tess Stimson, Narrated by Penelope Rawlins
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Three couples. Three houses. One home to die for.... Stacey and Felix are the glamorous owners of the stylish, modern Glass House, with its pool and floor-to-ceiling windows. Now they’re downsizing, but Stacey can’t sell to just anyone. She needs the right buyer, who will keep her secrets.
$23.86 $27.27
Genre: True Crime

A Knock at Midnight

By Brittany K. Barnett, Narrated by Karen Chilton
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesTrue CrimeWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Brittany K. Barnett was only a law student when she came across the case that would change her life forever - that of Sharanda Jones, single mother, business owner, and, like Brittany, Black daughter of the rural South. A victim of America’s devastating war on drugs, Sharanda had been torn away from her young daughter and was serving a ...
$27.56 $31.50
Genre: Steamy Romance


By Karina Halle, Narrated by Lidia Dornet
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: All Blake Crawford wants is to pass his creative writing course, get his university degree, and take over his dad's ailing family business. What Amanda Newland wants is to graduate at the top of her class, as well as finish her novel and prove to her family that writing is a respectful career.  
$23.95 $27.99
Genre: Steamy Romance

Dangerous Secrets

By Lisa Marie Rice, Narrated by Kelsey Navarro
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Small-town librarian Charity Prewitt never dreamed she'd meet and fall in love with a man like Nicholas Ames. The handsome, rich, charming, sexy-as-hell millionaire blew into tiny Parker's Ridge, Vermont, and immediately rocked her world. Powerful, sensual, the perfect man, Nick knows all the right words - and all the right spots to to...
Genre: Clean Romance

8 Seconds to Love

By Monica Walters, Narrated by Mari and Mirron Willis
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Having her own successful baking business literally fell into Harper Richardson's lap. She's strong, smart, independent, and well-rounded. Harper is given some news that stuns her, leaving her angry with herself for being so naïve. Zaire isn't the man she thought he was. Still reeling from that news, she decides to go and have a great t...
$15.30 $17.49
Genre: Literature and Fiction

Without a Hitch

By Mary Hollis Huddleston and Asher Fogle Paul, Narrated by Brittany Pressley
Tags: AudibleLiterature and FictionNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: When unlucky-in-love Lottie Jones lands a new career as a wedding planner at a top-tier boutique event firm, she begins navigating a cutthroat workplace specializing in over-the-top details, unlimited budgets, and a broad spectrum of taste. Whether planning for parachute landings or wrangling intoxicated groomsmen, she has her hands ful...
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Fantasy

Ever Alice

By H.J. Ramsay, Narrated by Caroline Holmes
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Alice's stories did more than raise a few eyebrows--it landed her in an asylum. Unwilling to undergo an experimental procedure, Alice returns back to Wonderland with the help of the White Rabbit and enters the most treacherous place of all: the court of the Queen of Hearts.
$21.83 $24.95
Genre: Fantasy

To Wield a Plague

By Derrick Smythe, Narrated by Greg Patmore
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Forced to choose between his mother’s life and his own exile, Dwapek embarks upon a journey wrought with trials no ordinary Renzik could hope to survive. Relics of legend, plagues of old, and monsters of unthinkable dread all collide in this epic fantasy adventure as a weapon capable of destroying an entire people is set to be unleashed.
$30.62 $34.99
Genre: Science Fiction


By Carrie Vaughn, Narrated by Erin Bennett
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Literature Professor Dr. Addie Cox is living a happy, if sheltered, life in her ivory tower when Harris Lang, the famously eccentric billionaire tech genius, offers her an unusual job. He wants her to guide a mercenary strike team sent to infiltrate his island retreat off the northwest coast of the United States.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Business

Jump: Dare to Do What Scares You in Business and Life

By Kim Perell, Narrated by Olivia Auerbach
Tags: AudibleBusinessNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: In Jump, Kim shares her powerful personal story about hitting rock bottom and summoning the courage required to take a life-changing leap into the unknown. Broke, bankrupt, and afraid of change, she trusted her instincts, closed her eyes, and “jumped”. Kim’s self-belief, know-how, and ultimate triumph is an inspiration. Jump shows you h...
$18.96 $21.67
Genre: Money

Split the Pie: A Radical New Way to Negotiate

By Barry Nalebuff, Narrated by Mike Chamberlain, Jonathan Todd Ross and, Teri Schnaubelt
Tags: AudibleMoneyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Negotiations are incredibly stressful and can bring out the worst in people. Wouldn’t it be better if there were a principled way to negotiate? Wouldn’t it be even better if there were a way to treat people fairly and get treated fairly in a negotiation?
$24.95 $28.51
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Becoming Beyoncé

By J. Randy Taraborrelli, Narrated by Allyson Johnson
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 14 2022
Details: Beyoncé Knowles is a woman who began her career at the age of eight performing in pageant shows and talent contests, honing her craft through her teenage years until, at the age of 16, she had her first number-one record with Destiny's Child.