Audible Picks November 22, 2023

Audible Picks November 22, 2023

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Genre: Mystery

The Killings at Badger's Drift

By Caroline Graham, Narrated by John Hopkins
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: The village of Badger's Drift is the essence of tranquillity. But when resident and well-loved spinster Miss Simpson takes a stroll in the nearby woods, she stumbles across something she was never meant to see, and there's only one way to keep her quiet.
$12.90 $14.74
Genre: Mystery

The Bingo Hall Detectives

By Jonathan Whitelaw, Narrated by Sid Sagar
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: An irresistible slice of murder and mystery—there’s a killer on the loose in the Lake District, and the members of the Penrith Bingo Club have decided they’re the ones to catch the culprit.... Jason Brazel is an out-of-work journalist who lives in Penrith with his family and mother-in-law, Amita. She knows everyone and everything that’s...
$13.83 $15.81
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Ancient of Genes: Prehistoric Resurrection...or Genetic Warfare? (Ancient Beacon Book 1)

By Dan Gallagher, Narrated by Greg Thomas
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: A geneticist’s regeneration of Ice Age animals AND humans is stolen & becomes the basis for genetic warfare weapons – and the prophesied Resurrection of the Dead! Fact-based bestseller, razor-close to real genetics & metaphysics that could manifest the ONLY prophecy that echoes eerily, whispers ubiquitously among religions &...
$12.99 $19.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Gates of Hell

By J. F. Penn, Narrated by Veronica Giguere
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: When ARKANE agent Morgan Sierra receives a package from her long-dead father, she's on high alert. He was one of the Remnant, protecting the world from demons — but the Remnant is dying, murdered by one of their own. From holy cities in Israel to places lost to history, Morgan and Jake must race against time to stop the opening of the G...
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: True Crime

The Princess Spy: The True Story of World War II Spy Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones

By Larry Loftis, Narrated by Kate Reading
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesTrue CrimeWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: The international best-selling author of Code Name: Lise weaves another exceptional and thrilling hidden history of an ordinary American girl who became one of the OSS’s most daring spies in World War II before marrying into European nobility.
$13.12 $14.99
Genre: Steamy Romance

Chicago Blues (Medicine for the Blues Book 2)

By Jeff Stookey, Narrated by Michael Self
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Set in 1923, the story follows Jimmy Harper, an ambitious young jazz piano player, as he and the Diggs Monroe Jazz Orchestra travel to Chicago seeking fortune and fame. But in contrast, Jimmy descends into the underworld of jazz and mobsters, where he gets erotically involved with a Negro drag entertainer and mixed up with a menacing cr...
$15.18 $19.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

High-Stakes Cowboy (WEST Protection Book 1)

By Em Petrova, Narrated by Logan McAllister and Grace Noble
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: One hatched plan…and a whole lotta romance. Maya Ray’s just been dumped. Noah Wynton’s just been dumped too. So while their exes bask in their new relationship, what do Maya Ray and Noah do? Hatch a plan, of course.
$13.08 $14.95
Genre: Clean Romance

Sweetbriar Cottage

By Denise Hunter, Narrated by Julie Carr
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Following his divorce, Noah gave up his dream job and settled at a remote horse ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia, putting much-needed distance between himself and the former love of his life. But then Noah gets a letter from the IRS claiming he and Josephine are still married. 
$13.08 $14.95
Genre: Literature and Fiction

Finding Our Forever (Silver Springs Book 1)

By Brenda Novak, Narrated by Veronica Worthington
Tags: AudibleLiterature and FictionNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: The search for her birth mother brought Cora Kelly to the New Horizons Boys Ranch. Getting a job there was easy enough, but confiding in Aiyana, the ranch's owner, that she's really her daughter? Cora's not sure she can do that, not unless she's confident the news will be welcomed. 
$9.44 $10.79
Genre: Fantasy

Smuggler's Valor

By T. D. Wilson, Narrated by Anthony LeRoy Lovato
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Reese Daniels, a smuggler, transport pilot, part-time smart-ass and full-time older brother is looking for the perfect score to set his family up for life. On his latest mission, Reese is shot down on Ariel, a Uranus moon, during an alien invasion and must endure danger after danger to get back home.
$5.99 $6.95
Genre: Fantasy

Morgan Is My Name

By Sophie Keetch, Narrated by Vanessa Kirby
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Even as a girl Morgan has always been wild, like the seas which batter the cliffs beneath her home, Tintagel Castle. But she has always been safe, too. Then one day her father is called away to a war from which he does not return. In his place comes the High King, Uther Pendragon, with the sorcerer Merlin lurking in his wake.
$14.31 $16.35
Genre: Science Fiction

The Grand Hotel

By Scott Kenemore, Narrated by Christian Rummel
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Welcome to the hotel where nobody checks out. When a desk clerk welcomes a group of tourists into his mysterious and crumbling hotel, the last thing he expects is that a lone girl on his tour may hold the power to unravel the hidden mystery that has lain for untold centuries within the structure’s walls. 
$13.99 $24.95
Genre: Science Fiction

Dragon Blood - Omnibus

By Lindsay Buroker, Narrated by Caitlin Davies
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: A thousand years have passed since a dragon has been seen in the world. Science and technology have replaced magic, which has dwindled until it has become little more than an element of myth and legend. There are those who still have dragon blood flowing through their veins, distant descendants of the mighty creatures of old. 
$0.99 $34.79
Genre: Business

In Her Own Voice: A Woman's Rise to CEO: Overcoming Hurdles to Change the Face of Leadership

By Jennifer McCollum, Narrated by Jennifer McCollum
Tags: AudibleBusinessNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: The world has awakened to the urgent need to focus on women's advancement-companies with gender-balanced leadership are far more likely to outperform their peers, and the evolving expectations of leadership align to women's natural strengths.
$15.30 $17.49
Genre: Money

Investing in Stocks for Dummies

By Paul J. Mladjenovic, Narrated by Tom Perkins
Tags: AudibleMoneyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: Investing in Stocks For Dummies gives you a straightforward introduction to stock investing. You'll learn the basics of buying and selling stocks, including how to research stocks and the factors that influence their performance. Even in an uncertain and challenging marketplace, you can profit by making smart financial decisions and inv...
$15.30 $17.49
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Three Minutes to Doomsday: An Agent, a Traitor, and the Worst Espionage Breach in U.S. History

By Joe Navarro, Narrated by George Newbern
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal November 22 2023
Details: In 1988 Joe Navarro, one of the youngest agents ever hired by the FBI, was dividing his time between SWAT assignments, flying air reconnaissance, and working counterintelligence. But his real expertise was "reading" body language. He possessed an uncanny ability to glean the thoughts of those he interrogated.
$16.18 $17.99