Audible Picks February 15, 2023

Audible Picks February 15, 2023

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Genre: Mystery

The Islamorada Murders (A Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Crime Mystery Book 10)

By Owen Parr, Narrated by Randy McCarten
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: “I need you to solve my murder" was what the man partially disguised with a medical mask and large, ridiculous looking sunglasses, said when he approached Joey Mancuso.What followed was a series of murders—one body washing ashore at the Islamorada Sandbar, rattling sunbathers, another body with a bit-off leg, picked up by a fishing char...
$15.18 $19.95
Genre: Mystery

The Taking (The Riverview Mysteries Book 3)

By Michele PW (Pariza Wacek), Narrated by Kristin James
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Twenty-four years ago, five-year-old Tori walked into her newborn brother's room in the middle of the night and discovered a figure abducting him. Except his lifeless body was still in the crib. Or was it?
$21.83 $24.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

More Heat than the Sun Box Set

By John Wiltshire, Narrated by Gary Furlong
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: If you love Hannibal/ Mads Mikkelsen, you'll LOVE the M/M Romance thriller series 'More Heat Than The Sun' series narrated by  Gary Furlong. Book 1- Ex-SAS soldier Ben Rider falls in love with his enigmatic married boss, Sir Nikolas Mikkelsen, but Nikolas is living a lie.
$25.99 $29.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Violent Peace (Dan Lenson Novels Book 20)

By David Poyer, Narrated by Gary Galone
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: While Admiral Dan Lenson motorcycles across a post-Armageddon US in search of his missing daughter, his wife, Blair Titus, lands in a spookily deserted, riot-torn Beijing to negotiate the reunification of Taiwan with the rest of China and try to create a democratic government.
$26.64 $34.99
Genre: True Crime

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

By David Grann, Narrated by Will Patton, Ann Marie Lee and, Danny Campbell
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesTrue CrimeWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: In the 1920s the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe.
$14.63 $27.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

Code Name (Zodiac Tactical Book 1)

By Janie Crouch, Narrated by Antonio Amato and Avery Caris
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Zodiac Tactical is Ian DeRose's company. They guard, protect, rescue…eliminate the threat when nobody else can. Ian has always made sure there was nothing in his life he couldn’t live without. Until Wavy Bollinger. But now his enemies have taken her. His code name is Aries. And he will burn the world to the ground to get her back.
$15.18 $19.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

Love Wasn't the Goal

By J. Nichole, Narrated by Edwin Andrews and Regina C. King
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: He didn't want to be in a relationship. Definitely didn't want kids. But he ended up with both. And he wasn't mad about it.
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Clean Romance

Bitten & Smitten (Immortality Bites Book 1)

By Michelle Rowen, Narrated by Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: I'm Sarah Dearly. My fanged blind date made me a vampire against my will, I'm being chased by hunters with pointy sticks, and I'm trying to keep my sexy master vampire mentor from offing himself before we find the traitor in our midst getting us killed in droves. Welcome to my week from hell.
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Literature and Fiction

Last Port of Call (The Queenstown Series Book 1)

By Jean Grainger, Narrated by Siobhan Waring
Tags: AudibleLiterature and FictionNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Twelve-year-old Harp Delaney is an unusual child, quiet and intelligent far beyond her years. She would rather spend her days in the library of the grand Georgian house that she sees as her home than playing on the streets with other children. Her mother, Rose, is the reserved and ladylike housekeeper at the Cliff House.
$37.29 $48.99
Genre: Fantasy


By Victoria Dougherty, Narrated by Emily Lawrence
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: An ancient curse sends two lovers on a voyage through time, ensnaring them in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. From the most ancient civilizations to the modern day, Nif and Sherin must uncover a terrifying mystery – one so ominous that it threatens to destroy all of humanity - or be cast out into the universe and lose one another...
$18.99 $24.95
Genre: Fantasy

Dragon Keeper (Rain Wilds Chronicles Book 1)

By Robin Hobb, Narrated by Anne Flosnik
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: For years, the Trader cities valiantly battled their enemies, the Chalcedeans. But they could not have staved off invasion without the powerful dragon, Tintaglia. In return, the Traders promised to help her serpents migrate up the Rain Wild River after a long exile at sea - to find a safe haven and, Tintaglia hopes, to restore her species.
$29.94 $51.33
Genre: Science Fiction

Master of the Revels (D.O.D.O. Book 2)

By Nicole Galland, Narrated by Laurence Bouvard and More
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: This fast-paced sequel to the New York Times bestselling near-future adventure The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. picks up where the original left off, as Tristan, Mel, and their fellow outcasts from the Department of Diachronic Operations (D.O.D.O.) fight to stop the powerful Irish witch Gráinne from using time travel to reverse the evoluti...
$31.41 $44.49
Genre: Business

Burn the Boats: Toss Plan B Overboard and Unleash Your Full Potential

By Matt Higgins, Narrated by Matt Higgins
Tags: AudibleBusinessNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Guest Shark on Shark Tank, and famed angel investor Matt Higgins reveals the counterintuitive formula for a life of perpetual growth that has been practiced for thousands of years by military leaders and serial entrepreneurs alike—forget the Plan B and burn the boats.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Money

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity

By Dean Graziosi, Narrated by Mark Steinbeck
Tags: AudibleMoneyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Legendary business coach Dean Graziosi has broken down the walls of complexity around success and created simple success recipes that you can quickly put to use in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.
$15.98 $20.99
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Dreaming the Beatles: A Love Story of One Band and the Whole World

By Rob Sheffield, Narrated by Rob Sheffield
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal February 15 2023
Details: Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone columnist and best-selling author of Love Is a Mix Tape, offers an entertaining, unconventional look at the most popular band in history, the Beatles, exploring what they mean today and why they still matter so intensely to a generation that has never known a world without them.
$20.91 $31.93