Genre: Mystery - Thriller and Suspense

Urgent Justice (Jack Lamburt Vigilante Justice Thriller Series Book 3.5)

by John Etzil, narrated by Alan Taylor
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A small-town sheriff will catch a predator come hell or high water... 

Nothing raises Sheriff Jack Lamburt's hackles like a child in danger. After a local orphaned teen disappears under suspicious circumstances, he vows to bring her home safe. And there'll be no escape from the world of pain he'll leave in his wake...

To track down the missing girl's abductor, Jack teams up with the only resident who can spot the culprit out of a crowd - a feisty 90-year-old with a taste for rye whiskey and revenge. But what was supposed to be a recon-only road trip soon takes a treacherous turn. And the two traveling companions find themselves fighting for survival in a crooked town overrun with the vicious disciples of a sexual predator and self-proclaimed prophet.

To save the girl, Jack will have to bring the entire unholy criminal network to its day of reckoning...

Urgent Justice is the standalone spin-off book in a series of vigilante thrillers starring Sheriff Jack Lamburt. If you like non-stop action, high-tech crime solving, and brutal violence, then you'll love John Etzil's gritty tale. 

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