Genre: True Crime

True Crime: The Mockingbird Hill Massacre of Ronald Gene Simmons

by Dan Steele, narrated by Candy Wilson
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True Crime portrays the disturbing story of Ronald Gene Simmons, who murdered his whole family in cold blood in the United States. This all took place in one week in 1987. He systematically murdered 14 members of his family, an estranged co-worker, and an innocent bystander.

In 1979, Simmons resigned as an Air Force Master Sergeant following 20 years of administration. The insecurity that pursued his military days exacerbated his longing for authority over his family. Simmons utilized terror, mortification, and savagery to declare dominance over everything, except one of his relatives. He enabled a gentler side to surface for his most beloved girl, Shelia, whom he forced into a forbidden relationship and, in the end, fathered her baby.

His desire to control and use force and fear caused his family to despise him. He became more isolated, even losing his job. His dissatisfaction with himself developed to untold dimensions when Sheila left the family home and wedded another man. With his plans to demolish and his hold softening, Simmons shockingly supported his family's longing for a major Christmas festivity. The stage was set for an inspiring gathering, yet he had an altogether different arrangement of plans.

True Crime will take you deep inside the mind of a deranged, psychopathic killer who murdered his family in what has been know to be called the "Mockingbird Hill Massacre". This chilling, true story will shock you and question just how someone can get to the point of violence and become a serial killer.

If you are sensitive to hearing about extreme violence and the torture of children, you may not want to listen to this book.

If you want to understand the true nature of how a serial killer operates and face it, then this is just the book you are looking for.

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