Genre: True Crime, Biography and Memoir

True Crime Stories (Volume 2)

by Hallie Rubenhold, narrated by Louise Brealey
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A little girl gets snatched while playing in the snow, and her tiny body is found days later. This is a 43-year-old murder mystery that was finally solved, but was it really? There are many people who don't think so.

There's also the story of a transgender woman who died in terribly suspicious circumstances, a case that would come to be the focus of change among the local police force due to the interactions she had with officers on the night of her death as well as the cause of an outcry among the community.

And who really killed the Al-Hilli family in the French Alps, leaving two little girls without parents, and why? Was there a link to a Middle Eastern dictator? What secrets did Mrs. Al-Hilli keep from her family?

These are just a few of the cases discussed in this true crime anthology. From the victim or victims, the crime scenes, and the criminal investigations that ensued, we follow 12 true crime stories, some of which are solved and some that are still mysteries. We also take a look at cases where wrongful convictions have occurred and why. These true murder stories will take you on a journey across the globe and even back in time in some cases. Family massacres, individual true crime murder cases, and situations where murder goes unseen in suicide cases, plus many more, will all keep you enthralled from chapter to chapter.