Genre: Children 8-12 years

The Turtle of Oman

by Naomi Shihab Nye, narrated by Peter Ganim
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Here are some things Aref loves about his home.

  • Mish-Mish, his cat
  • The dunes in the desert
  • His friends Diram and Sulima
  • Fresh apricots
  • Crispy fish served in baskets
  • His grandfather, Sidi
  • His excellent rock collection
  • The turtles of Oman

Aref does not want to move to Michigan. He's sure the kids there won't like him. Also, he has everything he needs right where he is! But Sidi has another point of view. Sidi says Aref will go and come back. Just like a falcon or the turtles of Oman, he'll travel far and make his way home to Muscat.

So Aref sets out to say good-bye to everything he loves. Good-bye to Mish-Mish, Diram, Sulima, dunes, Sidi.... But how can he stand it?