Genre: Young Adult

The Magic Redeemer Magic of Havenwood Book 3

by Clayton Wood, narrated by John Pirhalla
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Safe within the magical kingdom of Havenwood, Bella Birch studies in earnest to become a Necromancer. For her final exam is only a few years away, and she is determined to be ready for it.

But when General Craven, an invincible living statue, is sent by the queen of the Pentad to arrest Gideon for painting without a license, Bella can only watch as Gideon is captured...and brought to the capitol of the Pentad to stand trial for his crimes.

Now Bella must gather her friends and travel to the capitol to save Gideon from the most powerful kingdom in the world. For the sentence for Gideon's crimes is death by execution, and if Bella doesn't act quickly, his fate will be sealed!

Experience the third book in the epic fantasy series by Clayton Taylor Wood!