Genre: Fantasy

The Dark Trilogy (Annals of the Nameless Dwarf Books 1-3)

by D.P. Prior, narrated by Mike Carnes
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A sprawling epic of redemption, heroism, and friendship in the face of insurmountable evil and an inexorable fate. 

"A beautifully written and engrossing masterwork!" (Mitchell Hogan) 

Fantasy Faction semifinalist for the SPFBO 2018 

Child of an unreliable prophecy. Victim of a terrible deception. A soldier once. Then a killer of his own kind. A butcher. 

The Nameless Dwarf lies entombed beneath the earth, locked in an eternal sleep until the hour of Medryn-Tha's greatest need. 

With one shot at redemption, he must discover who he really is if he is to prevent the destruction of all the worlds and lead the dwarves to safety. 

But the deceptions that once cursed him have not been lain to rest. Every victory, every loss presents new dangers, new decisions. 

And history will remember him as the most cursed among the fallen.... 

Or the greatest hero of legend.