Genre: Clean Romance, Steamy Romance

The Billionaire Book Club (Billionaire Collection Series Book 3)

by Max Monroe, narrated by CJ Bloom
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For the entirety of my adult life, I've been content. Content in my single lifestyle, content in my stressful-but-extremely-successful job as the main corporate counsel for almost every Fortune 500 company in North America, and content in my playful, spontaneous ways. 

I had no idea it was possible for someone to change my mind. 

The endless women and work are no longer enough, and just as Ruby Rockford told me - it's about time I grow up. 

It's going to take a strategic attack from more than a couple brilliant minds to win her affection, but luckily, I know exactly where to find the right guys for the job...The Billionaire Book Club.

It's safe to say that I, Caplin Hawkins, the man most women would call the ultimate player, have finally met my match, and man oh man, has my end game changed.

I'm coming for you, Ruby. And soon, you'll be coming for me, too.