Genre: Fantasy

Serpent's Rising (Eve of Redemption Book 3)

by Joe Jackson, narrated by Chelsea Stephens
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After barely escaping an attempt on her life, veteran demon hunter Karian Vanador must root out infiltrators within her own order.

At the same time, she is presented with a unique opportunity: Infiltrate the very realm of the demon kings to bring back a possible defector. With a family to consider and the risk of inciting a war between two worlds, Kari must decide: Is the life of a Syrinthian priestess worth the risk?

If she goes, she will be tested to the limits of her courage, wits, and faith to navigate safely through the schemes of the demon kings. If she succeeds, she may bring back someone that can tip the balance, but if she fails, she will leave more than a widower and a motherless child behind.

With the help of allies new and old, can Kari outwit and outmaneuver beings that are thousands of years old? And what other secrets will she uncover that could possibly shatter every truth she's ever known?