Genre: Fantasy

Rogue Evolution A LitRPG Adventure The Rogue Dungeon Book 4

by James Hunter, narrated by Nick Podehl
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Build. Evolve. Conquer. Welcome to the dawn of a whole new kind of monster....

Roark von Graf built a nation on the bodies of griefed players and disgruntled mobs who wanted him dead. He grinded his way up to the level cap of the Troll Evolutionary Path and made powerful underhanded alliances along the way, but even all of that isn’t enough to defeat the Tyrant King’s right-hand mage, Lowen, and the Divine armies of the most powerful dungeon in the game.

When Lowen and the Vault of the Radiant Shield go on the attack, Roark’s only hope of survival lies in the stolen World Stone Pendant and its mysterious transmutation magic. To stand a chance against the overpowered mage, he’ll have to unlock the game-changing cheat that is Mega-Evolutions.

But while Roark and his Troll Nation are entrenched in an all-out battle for survival, the Tyrant King is preparing to unleash his hidden weapon - one that will hit Roark where he’s most vulnerable....