Genre: Literature and Fiction

My Grape Cellar The Grape Series Book 7

by Laura Bradbury, narrated by Hope Newhouse
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Can Laura and Franck restore a 13th century wine cellar under the streets of Beaune when another surprise project - a new baby - changes everything?

My Grape Cellar takes fans of Laura Bradbury’s Grape Series back to Burgundy. Laura and Franck embark on another grand adventure to restore a long-neglected wine cellar that they buy, sight unseen, in the charming town of Beaune - the heart of winemaking in Burgundy (and according to the Burgundians, all of France).

Much as they dream of family winetastings in a magical place, reviving a 13th century cellar proves a formidable task. Laura never imagined she’d be hunting through ancient sinks, hauling stones by moonlight, or appointing godparents for a medieval cave, all while managing an even more important project: a new baby. Find out if Laura and Franck manage to keep all the balls in the air in My Grape Cellar, book seven in the best-selling Grape series.