Genre: Money

How to Influence People

by John Maxwell, narrated by Van Tracy
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Leadership guru John C. Maxwell and his friend Jim Dornan share their straightforward, effective way for making an impact on the world: make an impact on individual people. How? Through influence. How to Influence People will empower you on your journey to becoming a potent and positive influence in your relationships both great and small. 

By pouring your life into other people, which is Dr. Maxwell's definition of "mentorship", you can truly make a difference. And when you have a meaningful impact on the lives of those around you - from your children and coworkers to your customers and the barista at your favorite coffee shop - it makes a difference in your life, too.

You'll learn to perceive the stages of influence in your relationships and skillfully navigate your progress - from perfect stranger, to helpful confidant, to inspiring mentor - until, ultimately, you attain the highest honor there is for an influencer: becoming a multiplier of other influencers.