Genre: Biography and Memoir

Hey Mom

by Louie Anderson, narrated by Louie Anderson
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With wry wit and poignant humor, Louie Anderson, New York Times best-selling author and three-time Emmy Award-winning comedian starring in Zach Galifianakis's Baskets, shares his journey of turning life's challenges into joy as well as the wisdom he's gained from his mother. 

Louie Anderson has been channeling his beloved mom in his iconic stand-up comedy for decades - but she passed away before getting to see him reach new heights with his breakout role. 

Hey Mom is Louie's way of catching Ora Zella Anderson up on everything that has been going on in his life, including his continued struggles with food and family, but also how so much has changed for the better. He also has plenty of laugh-out-loud stories about his incredibly resilient mother and his 10 siblings, as well as observations on the absurdities of life that only Louie Anderson could make. 

Honest yet funny, Hey Mom is a loving tribute to Louie's mother and will surely inspire you to write a letter to your own mom.