Genre: Fantasy

Decimate (Rise of the Realms Book 4)

by D. Fischer, narrated by Tamzin Denny
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The first battle is over and the people of the realms grieve for the fallen. 

Meanwhile, Aiden, Eliza, Kat, and Dyson return to the Earth Realm, fleeing accusations of warmongering, while Tember and Jaemes venture toward the elf tribes in seek of aid. They’ll need numbers for the coming battle and they’re not above fighting to get what they need. 

But no matter where they go nowhere is safe. The enemy Fee has many traps waiting, and their victories seem only to bring more heartache, highlighting the terrifying truth that the enemy has them right where they want them. 

Now they must decide who to save and who to sacrifice, but beyond even this impossible truth the question remains: how will they be able to live with themselves when this is over? 

This epic and dark fantasy adventure continues a calm before the storm.