Genre: Steamy Romance

Billionaire Needs Nanny

by River Laurent, narrated by Leanore Elliott
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Hannah: I’m a nanny and I’m telling you now, some jobs are created in hell!

You arrive for your interview and your boss is so hot your panties self-combust and you would have been incinerated alive. Only you put the fire out thinking of his gorgeous emerald-green eyes and those sensuous lips. The way his tongue came out to caress his bottom lip… Oh God.

So you catch yourself in time, scold yourself for those impure thoughts, and promise yourself you will not, under any circumstances, take a bite out of that forbidden apple., as hunky and tempting as it may be because you know it'll only end in tears. Yours.

Then you meet his daughter and she takes an instant dislike to you. It’s okay, you tell yourself. You’ve always liked a challenge. Anyway you’re a child whisperer, and there isn’t a child in the world you cannot tame.

But then you meet the ex-wife…

Like I said, some jobs are created in hell.