Genre: Business

7 Skills to Catapult Your Career

by Various Authors, narrated by Stephen R. Thorne
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Top leaders in the business community - a financial journalist, a bestselling author, and co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University - teach you the character traits every employer wants to see in today's worker.

In the race to become multitasking superhumans, we've lost touch with the actual root of where all these valuable skills are found. This audio gives you the training you need to set yourself apart from others and to advance to the next stage in your employment, whether you are just starting out or need to reinvigorate your career. Some of the best business minds at work today identify the principles of productivity and elevating your career. Why not be known for great leadership skills instead of training one employee for a single task? Why not be known for a winning personality instead of being able to deal with a difficult person? Why not be known for impressive calm and cool confidence in your negotiation skills instead of just getting the deal done? Don't be known for any singular skill - be known for inspiring character traits that make you highly promotable in any workplace.

This audio also includes helpful résumé and cover letter templates, as well as an interview checklist.