Weekly Deals January 24, 2020

Weekly Deals January 24, 2020

Can you hear me now? Good! With so many audiobooks to choose from the week of January 24, 2020, you're in for some fun.

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Genre: Money

Taxes Made Happy: The Definitive Strategy Guide to Launching and Growing a Successful Tax Preparation Business

By Mario Costanz, Narrated by Duke Holm
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMoneyWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: The challenges in operating a successful tax practice have been steadily increasing with stiff competition and new technology making it more difficult than ever to achieve profits and life balance. If you don't have today's knowledge to navigate the ever-changing tax preparation industry, you may be on the path to frustration and stagna...
$9.95 $14.95
Genre: True Crime, Biography and Memoir

Ted Bundy: The Horrific True Story Behind America's Most Wicked Serial Killer

By Ryan Becker, Narrated by Chris Clyne
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirTrue CrimeWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: The most fearsome serial killer in US history. A murderer's tale is not always shrouded in darkness, trauma, and failure to perform as a normal person. Some killers are just as successful in life as those around them or even more so. They are able to function as any regular human being and charm their communities and victims into believ...
Genre: Clean Romance

The Cottages on Silver Beach: A Clean Wholesome Romance

By RaeAnne Thayne, Narrated by Vanessa Johansson
Tags: AppleAudibleClean RomanceGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Years after betraying her, he's back in Haven Point....and ready to learn the truth. Megan Hamilton never really liked Elliot Bailey. He turned his back on her family when they needed him the most and it almost tore them all apart. So she's shocked when Elliot arrives at her family's inn, needing a place to stay and asking questions th...
$21.95 $25.09
Genre: Steamy Romance

His Fake GF: An Enemies To Lovers Romance

By Jolie Day, Narrated by D.C. Cole
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: No sex. No falling in love. No trying to buy out her family's business. These are the rules Audrey Miller sets when she's asked to pose as the fake girlfriend of New York's best marketing CEO. Aaron Patterson is after her cousin's company and that is enough for her to hate him. The longer the charade lasts, the less Audrey can resist th...
$13.08 $14.95
Genre: Science Fiction

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World: A Novel

By C. A. Fletcher, Narrated by C. A. Fletcher
Tags: AppleAudibleScience FictionWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: When a beloved family dog is stolen, her owner sets out on a life-changing journey through the ruins of our world to bring her back in this fiercely compelling tale of survival, courage, and hope. Perfect for fans of Station Eleven and The Girl with All the Gifts. My name's Griz. My childhood wasn't like yours. I've never had friends, a...
$25.94 $29.65
Genre: Literature and Fiction

The Good Lord Bird: A Novel

By James McBride, Narrated by Michael Boatman
Tags: AppleAudibleLiterature and FictionWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: National Book Award, Fiction, 2013 From the best-selling author of The Color of Water and Song Yet Sung comes the story of a young boy born a slave who joins John Brown's antislavery crusade - and who must pass as a girl to survive. Henry Shackleford is a young slave living in the Kansas Territory in 1857, when the region is a battle...
$20.95 $24.50
Genre: Mystery

Once Gone (A Riley Paige Mystery Book 1)

By Blake Pierce, Narrated by Elaine Wise
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayMysteryNookWeekly Deal December 10 2020Weekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Women are turning up dead on the rural outskirts of Virginia, killed in grotesque ways, and when the FBI is called in they are stumped. A serial killer is out there, his frequency increasing, and they know there is only one agent good enough to crack this case: Special Agent Riley Paige. Riley is on paid leave, recovering from her enc...
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Children 5-7 years

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Martin Luther King III, Narrated by Martin Luther King III
Tags: AppleAudibleChildren 5-7 yearsGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: What was it like growing up as a son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? This memoir by Martin Luther King III provides insight into one of history's most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color...
Genre: Business

Make Your Idea Matter: Stand Out with a Better Story

By Bernadette Jiwa, Narrated by Bernadette Jiwa
Tags: AppleAudibleBusinessGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Make Your Idea Matter is a call to action for entrepreneurs, emerging brands, and anyone with a great idea, who knows that to stand out in today's noisy world they need to tell a better story. It is full of bite-sized business and brand storytelling ideas originally sparked on Bernadette Jiwa's award-winning business blog TheStoryofTell...
Genre: Business

The ABCs of Success: The Essential Principles from America's Greatest Prosperity Teacher

By Bob Proctor, Narrated by Bob Proctor, Sandra Gallagher
Tags: AppleAudibleBusinessGoogle PlayKobo AudioWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: An accessible guide to the principles of success by one of the most respected and sought-after motivational speakers of our time. In the tradition of Og Mandino and Zig Ziglar, this inspirational guide uses a wide variety of subjects, from "Achievement" to "Worry", to bring clarity, information, and motivation to listeners. For milli...
$17.99 $21.00
Genre: Fantasy

Call of the Herald (The Dawning of Power Trilogy Book 1)

By Brian Rathbone, Narrated by Chris Snelgrove
Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Echoes of the ancients' power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind's deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war. Call of the Herald is book one of The Dawning of P...
$17.95 $19.95
Genre: Fantasy

Slave, Warrior, Queen (Of Crowns and Glory Book 1)

By Morgan Rice, Narrated by Wayne Farrell
Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comFantasyGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal August 19 2021Weekly Deal January 24 2020
Details:  From number-one best-selling author Morgan Rice comes a sweeping new fantasy series. Slave, Warrior, Queen tells an epic tale of tragic love, vengeance, betrayal, ambition, and destiny. Filled with unforgettable characters and heart-pounding action, it transports us into a world we will never forget, and makes us fall in love with fant...
$17.99 $19.95
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Gridiron Genius

By Michael Lombardi, Narrated by Michael Lombardi
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirGoogle PlayKobo AudioWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Former NFL general manager and three-time Super Bowl-winner Michael Lombardi reveals what makes football organizations tick at the championship level. From personnel to practice to game-day decisions that win titles, Lombardi shares what he learned working with coaching legends Bill Walsh of the 49ers, Al Davis of the Raiders, and Bill ...
$20.99 $24.50
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller and Suspense

Soul Identity

By Dennis Batchelder, Narrated by Ben Tyler
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioScience FictionThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: You can't take it with you... but what if you could? Most people believe their souls outlive their bodies. Most people would find an organization that tracks their souls into the future and passes on their banked money and memories compelling. Scott Waverly isn't like most people. He spends his days finding and fixing computer security ...
$12.99 $19.95
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success

By Influential Individuals, Narrated by Jeffrey Howard
Tags: AppleBiography and MemoirWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: If you're looking to be inspired by someone who has truly made the most of life's opportunities, then listen to this remarkable story of one of today's most well-known celebrities.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is best known as a former professional wrestler who later came to dominate Hollywood with a series of blockbuster movies. His powe...
Genre: Literature and Fiction

Welcome to Braggsville: A Novel

By T. Geronimo Johnson, Narrated by MacLeod Andrews
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: From the PEN/Faulkner finalist and critically acclaimed author of Hold It 'Til It Hurts comes a dark and socially provocative Southern-fried comedy about four UC Berkeley students who stage a dramatic protest during a Civil War reenactment--a fierce, funny, tragic work from a bold new writer. Welcome to Braggsville. The City that Love B...
$26.95 $28.51
Genre: Literature and Fiction

My Coney Island Baby: A Novel

By Billy O'Callaghan, Narrated by Courtney Patterson
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: An exquisite, heart-breaking novel by an Irish discovery. Radiant with beauty, longing, and desire and deeply touching, this literary novel, reminiscent of the works of William Trevor and Colm Tóibín, evokes the long love affair between a man and a woman, each married to another, who meet every month in a decaying hotel in Coney Island...
$20.96 $23.95
Genre: Biography and Memoir

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

By Greta Thunberg, Narrated by Greta Thunberg
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: The groundbreaking speeches of Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist who has become the voice of a generation, including her historic address to the United Nations In August 2018, a 15-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, decided not to go to school one day in order to protest the climate crisis. Her actions sparked a global move...
$12.25 $14.00
Genre: Steamy Romance

Yield (Fettered Book 1)

By Lilia Moon, Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
Tags: AppleAudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayMay 2021 Free AudiobooksNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal January 24 2020Weekly Deal May 13 2021
Details:  She's a wedding planner. He owns a BDSM club. The last thing they're expecting...is each other. Emily Madigan is Seattle's best wedding planner. Her superpower is managing a thousand details without dropping a single one, and her deepest desire is an hour-long bubble bath and a foot rub. Until her newest clients want to get married at ...
$17.46 $19.95
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

If I'm Dead: A Rachel Knight Story

By Marcia Clark, Narrated by January LaVoy
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal January 24 2020Weekly Deal March 18 2021
Details: It started with a haunting image: a Ford Explorer, iridiscent in the moonlight and alone on a desolate stretch of beach. Its owner, Melissa Gibbons, has gone missing. Her husband says she flew the coop. But Los Angeles Deputy DA Rachel Knight is convinced otherwise: Melissa Gibbons has been murdered. So begins the confounding case tha...
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

The Longest Silence

By Debra Webb, Narrated by Shannon McManus
Tags: AppleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: A killer stole her voice. Now she's ready to take it back. Don't miss the chilling Shades of Death series from USA Today best-selling author Debra Webb. Joanna Guthrie was free. She had been for 18 years - or so she needed everyone to believe. What really happened during the longest 14 days of her life, when she and two other women we...
$24.95 $28.51
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

The Americans (Apex Trilogy Book 2)

By Jake Bible, Narrated by Julie Hoverson
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookScience FictionThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: The exciting sequel to Dead Mech is a hell ride through Europe, Asia, and beyond as American ghost Heather Walton must save her family, her friends, and an all-important cargo. The world has survived the North American zombie apocalypse. But Americans struggle to maintain their place in a world where the powers-that-be no longer want th...
$21.83 $24.95
Genre: Mystery

Killing Season (Part 1)

By Faye Kellerman, Narrated by Faye Kellerman
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryNookWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: New York Times best-selling author Faye Kellerman delivers an electrifying crime novel of suspense as a young man's obsessive investigation into his sister's death draws him into the path of a sadistic serial killer. He went searching for the truth. Now a killer has found him. The more you know, the more there is to fear.... Three...
Genre: True Crime, Biography and Memoir

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper

By Hallie Rubenhold, Narrated by Louise Brealey
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirTrue CrimeWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Five devastating human stories and a dark and moving portrait of Victorian London - the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper. Polly, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Mary-Jane are famous for the same thing, though they never met. They came from Fleet Street, Knightsbridge, Wolverhampton, Sweden, and Wales. They wrote ball...
$15.30 $17.49
Genre: Mystery

The Ruin

By Dervla McTiernan, Narrated by Aoife McMahon
Tags: AppleMysteryWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: It's been 20 years since Cormac Reilly discovered the body of Hilaria Blake in her crumbling Georgian home. But he's never forgotten the two children she left behind.... When Aisling Conroy's boyfriend Jack is found in the freezing black waters of the river Corrib, the police tell her it was suicide. A surgical resident, she throws her...
$13.99 $24.47
Genre: Mystery


By Kelley Armstrong, Narrated by Carine Montbertrand, Mozhan Marno
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryWeekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: Number-one New York Times best-selling author Kelley Armstrong begins her new series with Omens, featuring a compelling new heroine thrust into a decades-old murder case and the dark mysteries surrounding her strange new home. Twenty-four-year-old Olivia Taylor Jones has the perfect life. The only daughter of a wealthy, prominent Chicag...
$20.99 $24.50
Genre: Literature and Fiction

The Mothers: A Novel

By Brit Bennett, Narrated by Adenrele Ojo
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionWeekly Deal February 25 2021Weekly Deal January 24 2020
Details: A dazzling debut novel from an exciting new voice, The Mothers is a surprising story about young love, a big secret in a small community - and the things that ultimately haunt us most. Set within a contemporary black community in Southern California, Brit Bennett's mesmerizing first novel is an emotionally perceptive story about communi...
$23.95 $28.00