Best Audiobooks Under $5 Today

Best Audiobooks Under $5 Today

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Polar Opposites

By Amity Allen, Narrated by Penelope Graham
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMystery - Thriller and SuspenseNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: A novice witch, a polar bear familiar & a murder under the Northern Lights. When a man is killed outside my back door, everyone becomes suspicious I'm the murderer. Eager to clear my name, I do my best to find the culprit. Now if I can only harness my newfound powers and find the murderer before Sheriff Brodie puts me in a jail cell...

The Pallbearers Club

By Paul Tremblay, Narrated by Graham Halstead, Xe Sands and, Elizabeth Wiley
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioMysteryNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Art Barbara was so not cool. He was a 17-year-old high school loner in the late 1980s who listened to hair metal, had to wear a monstrous back-brace at night for his scoliosis, and started an extracurricular club for volunteer pallbearers at poorly attended funerals. But his new friend thought the Pallbearers’ Club was cool.
$27.94 $31.93


By Lynn Lipinski, Narrated by Markham Anderson
Tags: AppleAudibleMystery - Thriller and SuspenseNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: A young man and his teenage sister dig into their late mother's history after her mysterious death, but they may have been better off not learning the family secrets.  
$17.46 $19.95

Just Like the Other Girls

By Claire Douglas, Narrated by Georgia Maguire
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: At loose ends after the devastating death of her mother, Una Richardson responds to an advertisement for a ladies’ companion, a position that leads her into the wealthy, secluded world of Mrs. Elspeth McKenzie. But Elspeth's home isn’t the comforting haven it seems.
$21.79 $31.93

The Priest (Vigilante Angels Book 1)

By Billy DeCarlo, Narrated by Billy DeCarlo
Tags: AudibleAudiobooks.comGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookTrue CrimeWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Enjoy this FREE vigilante justice noir crime audiobook! It's the tale of a former cop and Marine who receives a terminal diagnosis. He decides to make the world a better place with the little time he has, enlists the help of some like-minded patients and an unusual cast of characters. His biggest challenges, however, are inside his own ...

One Week to Claim It All

By Adriana Herrera, Narrated by Frankie Corzo
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: When Esmeralda Sambrano-Peña unexpectedly inherits her father’s media empire, it ruffles more than a few feathers. And no one is more conflicted about it than Rodrigo Almanzar. Esmeralda knows her father’s longtime protégé - and her ex-lover - wants the executive job for himself. Making matters worse, their renewed passion grows undenia...
$11.97 $13.68

The Selection (Sapient Salvation Book 1)

By Jayne Faith, Narrated by Laurel Schroder
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceGoogle PlayKobo AudioWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Twice a year, young men and women must compete in a deadly alien tournament. Maya must get through just one more Selection and then she's free. But fate has other plans for her. Thrown into the fight of her life, Maya must shed her innocence and use her wits to have a chance at survival -- and a love more epic than she could have imagined.
$17.99 $19.95

Stolen Moments of Joy

By Hamour Baika, Narrated by Finian Schwarz
Tags: AppleAudibleGoogle PlayKobo AudioLiterature and FictionNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Abdul is on the edge. His loving boyfriend has violent outbursts. He faces persistent microaggressions everywhere in Baltimore. A recent police shooting reminds him of the sins of his past. When an attractive activist shows up in his workplace, Abdul gives in to his flirtatious advances. Would a sense of guilt make him stay in an abusiv...
$17.46 $19.95

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself

By Melody Beattie, Narrated by Melody Beattie
Tags: AppleSelf-ImprovementWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Melody Beattie’s compassionate and insightful look into codependency—the concept of losing oneself in the name of helping another—has guided millions of readers toward the understanding that they are powerless to change anyone but themselves and that caring for the self is where healing begins.
$15.30 $17.49

Calixta: The Vanquishers of Alhambra

By Omayra Velez, Narrated by Corina Ollett
Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: Calixta works in an undesirable trade in a world where all people have a trade for life. She woke at the gates of heaven. There she met 20 of the most unlikely of beings. They sent her back to Talbert with some unique gifts. At her return, Evil chased her all over creation. She has some help from an unlikely friend. Will she succeed in ...
$21.83 $24.95

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By Alexander Freed, Narrated by Jonathan Davis
Tags: AppleAudibleFantasyGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: As the shadows of the Empire loom ever larger across the galaxy, so do deeply troubling rumors. The Rebellion has learned of a sinister Imperial plot to bring entire worlds to their knees. Deep in Empire-dominated space, a machine of unimaginable destructive power is nearing completion. A weapon too terrifying to contemplate and a threa...
$18.29 $31.50


By Michael Mammay, Narrated by R.C. Bray
Tags: AppleAudibleScience FictionWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: War heroes aren't usually called out of semi-retirement and sent to the far reaches of the galaxy for a routine investigation. So when Colonel Carl answers the call from an old & powerful friend, he knows it's something big - and he's not being told the whole story. A high councilor's son has gone MIA out of Cappa Base, the space st...
$20.04 $28.51

The Gambler: How Penniless Dropout Kirk Kerkorian Became the Greatest Deal Maker in Capitalist History

By William C. Rempel, Narrated by Fred Sanders
Tags: AppleAudibleBiography and MemoirGoogle PlayKobo AudioNookWeekly Deal January 19 2023
Details: The rags-to-riches story of one of America's wealthiest and least-known financial giants, self-made billionaire Kirk Kerkorian - the daring aviator, movie mogul, risk taker, and business tycoon who transformed Las Vegas and Hollywood to become one of the leading financiers in American business.
$31.94 $36.50