Audible Picks September 28th, 2022

Audible Picks September 28th, 2022

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Genre: Mystery

Kingdom Come

By Jane Jensen, Narrated by Rachel Fulginiti
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: When a beautiful, scantily clad "English" girl is found dead in the barn of a prominent Amish family, Detective Elizabeth Harris knows she's uncovered an evil that could shatter the peace of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Even though Elizabeth's boss is convinced this was the work of an "English", as outsiders are called, Elizabeth isn...
$11.95 $20.97
Genre: Mystery

This Side of Murder

By Anna Lee Huber, Narrated by Heather Wilds
Tags: AudibleMysteryNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: England, 1919. Verity Kent's grief over the loss of her husband pierces anew when she receives a cryptic letter suggesting her beloved Sidney may have committed treason before his untimely death. Determined to dull her pain with revelry, Verity's first impulse is to dismiss the derogatory claim.  
$21.41 $24.47
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

A Noise Downstairs

By Linwood Barclay, Narrated by George Newbern
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: College professor Paul Davis is a normal guy with a normal life. Until, driving along a deserted road late one night, he surprises a murderer disposing of a couple of bodies. That’s when Paul’s "normal" existence is turned upside down.  
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Thriller and Suspense

Poison Lilies

By Katie Tallo, Narrated by Piper Goodeve
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesThriller and SuspenseWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: In this eerily riveting thriller—the follow-up to the international bestseller Dark August—Gus Monet becomes dangerously entangled with a powerful family whose wealth and success are built on dark and deadly secrets.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: True Crime

Finding Tamika

By Erika Alexander and More, Narrated by Erika Alexander
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesTrue CrimeWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: Black girls and women disappear every day, but not without a trace. Join actress and activist Erika Alexander in a neo-noir, true crime drama as she searches for Tamika Huston, a 24-year-old Black woman from Spartanburg, SC who went missing in 2004.
$26.21 $29.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

Dark Horse (A Demon's Guide to the Afterlife Book 1)

By Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane, Narrated by Savannah Gilmore and Adam Gold
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: She's a demoness sent to save the world. They're the supernatural alphas destined to end it. This should be easy for a reform pro like Fury. There's just one little problem. She's their second chance mate.
$17.46 $19.95
Genre: Steamy Romance

Best Friends Turn into Lovers

By Rod Mandelli, Narrated by Kirk Hall
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesSteamy RomanceWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: Supposedly straight college student Chad Owens fantasizes about the sexual things he would do to hot guys if he could get up the nerve to actually have his first gay encounter. When his straight and shirtless best friend asks Chad to rub tanning oil on his back, will the truth (and Chad) finally come out?
$2.99 $3.95
Genre: Clean Romance

Discerning Grace (The White Sails Series Book 1)

By Emma Lombard, Narrated by Siobhan Waring
Tags: AudibleClean RomanceNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: If Bridgerton and Pirates of the Caribbean had a love child. Grace is not a woman content with afternoon tea and scones! She would rather chance a life at sea than put up with the gossiping, judgmental, and unforgiving London society. Discerning Grace promises adventures on the high seas, bursting with action, suspense, and a dash of ro...
$21.83 $24.95
Genre: Literature and Fiction

The Cactus

By Sarah Haywood, Narrated by Katherine Manners
Tags: AudibleLiterature and FictionNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: For Susan Green, messy emotions don’t fit into the equation of her perfectly ordered life. But suddenly confronted with the loss of her mother and the news that she is about to become a mother herself, Susan’s greatest fear is realized. She is losing control.
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Fantasy

The Other Magic (Passage to Dawn Book 1)

By Derrick Smythe, Narrated by Greg Patmore
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure’s inexplicable use of power places him in grave danger. In a twist of fate, the rogue priestess hired to strip him of his power chooses instead to help him escape. Her reasons for doing so are her own, but now death awaits them both.
$31.99 $44.99
Genre: Fantasy

Waterspell: The Complete Series (Books 1-4)

By Deborah J. Lightfoot, Narrated by Simon de Deney
Tags: AudibleFantasyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: How far would you go to find where you belong? Seeking her identity and her destiny, lost traveler Carin moves in with a hot-tempered, emotionally damaged warlock who can't seem to decide whether to help her, love her, or kill her. "Epic. A riveting series and a great listen. Complex, well-developed characters. Plenty of mystery."
$26.21 $29.95
Genre: Science Fiction

The Prey of Gods

By Nicky Drayden, Narrated by Prentice Onayemi
Tags: AudibleNew ReleasesScience FictionWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: From a new voice in the tradition of Lauren Beukes, Ian McDonald, and Nnedi Okorafor comes The Prey of Gods, a fantastic, boundary-challenging tale set in a South African locale both familiar and yet utterly new, which braids elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and dark humor.  
$27.94 $31.93
Genre: Business

She Said

By Patricia Seabright, Narrated by Patricia Seabright
Tags: AudibleBusinessNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: Speak and be heard! The ability to speak and be heard matters. It matters for your credibility and your career. Yet, the reality is that many women find it challenging to speak and be fully heard.
$9.54 $10.90
Genre: Money

A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market

By Matthew R. Kratter, Narrated by Mike Norgaard
Tags: AudibleMoneyNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: The stock market is the greatest opportunity machine ever created. Are you ready to get your piece of it? This book will teach you everything that you need to know to start making money in the stock market today. Don't gamble with your hard-earned money.
$5.99 $6.95
Genre: Biography and Memoir

Driving Miss Norma: One Family's Journey Saying "Yes" to Living

By Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle, Narrated by Christopher Grove and Nan McNamara
Tags: AudibleBiography and MemoirNew ReleasesWeekly Deal September 28 2022
Details: When Miss Norma was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she was advised to undergo surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But instead of confining herself to a hospital bed for what could be her last stay, Norma - newly widowed after nearly seven decades of marriage - rose to her full height of five feet and told her doctor, "I'm 90 years old...
$21.95 $25.09